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At ArcCentre, we pride ourselves as leaders in economic and business research in Africa. We are working with highly skilled and experienced researchers whose insightful work have aided policy and decision making. The originality and quality of our research have brought new perspectives in our practice areas. The researchers at ArcCentre are the mainstay of the firm and the underlying reason why we are able to offer supreme, unparalleled services to our clients.



ArcCentre provides a wide range of consulting services in areas of economics, management, business, climate, and energy. Our team of consultants are drawn from world-class professionals who have deeper knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the African continent, its people, culture, and potential. They also bring to the fore their knowledge and experience from different industries and sectors.



One of ArcCentre’s unique products is the data it provides on its database system. Meaningful research relies on trusted data. In recognizing this fact, we have created a database system to make data provision a fundamental aspect of our core business. The data include national statistics of various African countries and covers wide range of sectors. The ArcCentre database has enabled our clients access comprehensive data that help them to make informed decisions. The system is administered by our team of trusted sources, and the data helps capture emerging economic, financial, political, social, and industry-specific events.  To access the database click here.



Our vision is to become a key player in unlocking Africa’s potential and stimulating growth and development by providing strategic and innovative solutions to help our partners deal with the challenges facing Africa.


To help governmental, private sector, and international institutions succeed and make a difference in Africa by offering unparalleled expertise that maximizes their impact

Our Clients

  • Government and public sector
  • Private sector
  • NGOs
  • Multinational organisations
  • International development agencies