Economic Impact Analysis

We help clients across all sectors to assess the contribution of activities, events, and new policy to business revenue, profits, wages, jobs, economic prosperity, and public finances. We combine original research with thorough data analysis to create an evidence-based story with high impact, that equip business executives with the information they need to succeed.

Forecasting and Scenario Building

Our set of innovative and cutting-edge forecasting techniques enable us to forecast/predict economic conditions, product demand, industrial trends, and business performance on a national and regional basis.

Business Analytics

We support strategic business decision-making using advanced methodological techniques coupled with high quality economic and financial analysis. Our priority in business analytics is to help our clients gain insight and drive business planning.

Energy Economics

ArcCentre advices public and private clients on a wide range of energy issues. Our areas of expertise include; regulatory advice, price controls, estimation of damages, contract valuation, cost of capital determination, cost-benefit analysis, feasibility studies, and policy studies.

Monitoring and Evaluation

ArcCentre applies cutting-edge programs to help our clients improve performance and achieve results. We use monitoring and evaluation to assess the performance of projects, institutions, and programs set by our clients. Our goal in monitoring and evaluation is to improve outputs, outcomes, and impact.

Behavioural and Experimental Economics

Our deep understanding of behavioural science enables us to help policy and decision makers within government, international institutions, and NGOs understand the behaviour of firms and consumers. Using behavioural economics, we also help businesses understand how customers make decisions. We achieve this by designing and implementing robust behavioural experiments.

Global Macro

Beyond Africa, we also have a team of experts dedicated to monitoring and tracking economic events in the global economy. In particular, we focus on studying major world events and policy decisions of the world’s largest economies such as the US and China, since policy decisions made by those countries are capable of influencing the national economies of other countries and the entire global economy. The data and information we gather from our global macro experts help policy makers to formulate sensible economic policies.

Climate Change and Green Finance

Owing to the abundant evidence that climate change is already having a noticeable impact in some parts of the world, ArcCentre have incorporated climate change and green finance as one of its major practice areas to help tackle this problem. Our mission here is to ensure a successful implementation of climate change programs by working closely with the agencies, institutions, and governments that are promoting green energy and campaigning against climate change. We do not only offer the most innovative techniques to finance such programs, but also acts where we add the most value to the public. We aim to develop further to ensure that our work continuous to influence the decisions of regulated firms, policy makers and regulatory bodies, industry and consumer groups, individual consumers, and charities on green energy related matters.

Web Development

We have a team of experienced web designers/developers who are adept at designing and managing professional websites from the scratch.